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Our Business

Since SHIDA KOMUSHO Co., Ltd was founded in August, 1919, it has been designing and manufacturing excellent safety valves, pressure reducing valves and various automatic regulating valves, creating new ideas and technologies. In 1956 the company became a limited company and installed the state-of-the-art machine tools. We have continuously provided various valves to nationwide companies related to LNG gas, LPG gas, nuclear power plant, steel manufacturing, fertilizer producing, paper making, synthetic fiber producing, ship building and blower making. We have exported products to Russia, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.

In October, 1971 we built a test and inspection factory of 330 m2 and have strived to educate our people and to advance the quality control system. In May, 1976 we were certified as a manufacturer of valves for high pressure gas, and accredited as an inspection executor of valves for high pressure gas, by Minister of Trade and Industry. In 1986
the certified range of temperatures in specifications was extended to cryogenic temperatures. We have advanced to the field of cryogenic temperatures, providing a higher level of valves, including pressure reducing valves, pressure regulating valves and check valves.

Our policy for customers is to provide products that make customers happy.
As a certified manufacturer of valves for high pressure gas by Minister of Trade and Industry, we are determined to manufacture valves of safety and high quality.

Our main products are:

SHIDA KOMUSHO, as a valve expert company, will continue to design and manufacture high quality valves, employing new scientific technologies.

Factory Facilities

Machine Factory

40 Machine Tools:
CNC lathe, High speed lathe, Milling machine, High speed copying lathe, Precision lapping machine, Radial drilling machine, Upright drilling machine, Tool grinding machine, Diaphragm circular cutting machine, Electric welding machine, Oxy-fuel welding machine, Electric furnace, Air compressor

Inspection Factory

30 Test and Inspection Instruments:
High pressure water pump, High pressure air compressor, Cryogenic temperature test machine, flow measuring instrument for safety valve (for liquid), Vacuum pump, Discharge measuring instrument for safety valve, Helium gas detector, Charpy impact tester, Magnetic particle inspection equipment, Flow measuring device, Liquid penetrant testing equipment (dry type, fluorescent type), Spring compression tester (5t), Metallurgical microscope, Block gauges (103 gauges), Test bench for flange-type valve, Blower (50HP-5HP), Ultrasonic thickness direct-reading gauge, Rockwell hardness tester, Pressure inspection instrument

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