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SHIDA KOMUSHO was founded in 1919 (the Taisho era) by my father and has been manufacturing valves.

He named the company using the word “Komusho”, which means a company dedicated to designing. In the beginning, he aimed to form a company dedicated to designing valves. So he used the word “Komusho”. But his early company didn’t work well because parts were not made correctly by other manufacture. So, he decided to make parts in his company. But he didn’t change the company name. I am sometimes asked about the company name, but, in consideration of my father’s struggle, I will not change the name “Komusho”.

As the Showa era was starting following the Taisho era, the chemical industry began to develop. Responding to the expanding gas market, our main business changed to manufacturing valves. In 1976 we were certified as a manufacturer of valves for high pressure gas by Minister of Trade and Industry. To maintain and advance high quality products, we will strive to produce high quality valves with the heart and mind of making customers happy.

Our strength is high-mix low-volume manufacturing. According to your order, we quickly cope with your requirements for safety valves, vacuum relief valves (vacuum breaker), pressure regulating valves and so on. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kaoru Shida

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