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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What products are you producing?

We are producing safety valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves, back pressure valves and pressure regulating valves. Safety valves are most produced products. We produce two types of vacuum relief valves; plus-pressure applied type and minus-pressure applied type.

What diameter of valve do you produce?

A diameter of safety valve ranges from 8A to 200A. For a low pressure valve, the maximum diameter extends to 300A. A diameter of pressure reducing valve is from 15A to 150A.

What materials are used for products?

We use various materials, depending on fluid, pressures and temperatures.
We use cast steel (SCS13, SCS14, SCS15, SCS16, SCPH2, SCPL), cast iron (FC200), cast cupper alloy (CAC406), steel (stainless steel, cupper alloy steel) and special materials (HASTELLOY, titan (not certified). Please ask us more details.
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What standards are used for connecting parts?

For inlet and vent parts, screw standards are Rc and R, and flange standards are JIS, JPI. ANSI, DIN, union coupling and ferule coupling.

What is important when attaching parts?

The most importance is to remove foreign matter in a pipe. If there is foreign matter there, the valve may not work well.

Do you have a price list of products?

No, we don’t. All our products are custom-made.

Do you fix a failed product?

Yes, please send us it. We don’t do on-site service because of no sufficient tools there.

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