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Quality Policy

To provide customers with high quality valves, we have set the following quality objectives.

Quality Policy
  1. To obtain customers' trust and satisfaction.
  2. To focus on safety.
  3. To improve and maintain high quality.
  4. To advance the rationalization of production.
  5. To contribute to the safety of society.

By carrying out these objectives, we will realize the next quality policy.

We manufacture superior products and satisfy customers’ expectations and needs.

Kaoru Shida

Quality Management

SHIDA KOMUSHO, an inspection executor accredited by High Pressure Gas Safety Act, is engaged in designing, manufacturing, inspecting, servicing, and purchasing works. To perform these works with high quality, we have established our own SDK-0001 Quality Manual, and SDK-0011 Quality Plan.

The SDK-0001 Quality Manual implements the quality management system that assures the high quality of our products and services. By implementing the quality management system, we can meet standards and customers’ requirements, resulting in high quality products.

The SDK-0001 Quality Manual and the SDK-0011 Quality Plan at level 1 are sources of our high quality products, securing our safe and high quality valves.

And the Manual and Plan at level 2 have standards and procedures of 100 and over, securing quality of our products.

Our experienced craftsmen inspect materials, size of parts, pressure tightness, air tightness, performance of products, and shipping conditions, resulting in high quality valves that meet customers’ requirements.

If you have any question about our valve quality or the quality system, please ask us.

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