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Safety Valve Pressure Regulating Valve and Back Pressure Valve Check Valve Pressure Reducing Valve ressure Regulating Valve for Plastic Injection Machine

SHIDA KOMUSHO has been developing and manufacturing various high-quality valves such as safety valves, pressure reducing valves, check valves and so on. SHIDA KOMUSHO is certified as a manufacturer of valves for high pressure gas by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry.


We have been manufacturing valves since our founding in 1919, with the heart and mind of making customers happy. We are developing and manufacturing:

The company is also an inspection executor of valves for high pressure gas, accredited by Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry. And we are securely performing our tasks.

Valves that We Have Developed and Manufactured

Our Strengths and Advantages

Our Strengths

We can quickly design and manufacture products, responding to customers. Please tell us your requirements such as material strength or discharge quantity. We will quickly answer them.

High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing:
We can undertake products of high-mix low volume.

Our Advantageous Products

  • Safety valve for treating shaft-sealing oil, in which the chattering-prevention mechanism is built.)
  • Pressure reducing valve and safety valve for pure steam used in sterilizing equipment for medical, pharmaceutical, food and semi-conductor industries.
  • Safety valve for a cold evaporator tank (low-temperature use).
  • Pressure build valve and final supply line valve for a cold evaporator tank (low-temperature use)
  • Vacuum relief valve (vacuum breaker) , ranging from 25A screw-type to 300A flange type, which can be used in a nuclear power plant.
  • We have many valves for various fields. We can meet your requirements for various fields. Please contact us.
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